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Mensaje por PortuGuesito el Miér 18 Abr 2018 - 6:54

For Lovers of the Cryptocurrency.

Only for new ones who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

You Register in the pages that I will give you Next it is necessary to have an email address to be able to activate your registries after being registered you give to the options Free BTC (bitcoins Free)
you can do every hour that is what the page allows You also have the option that is MULTIPLY BTC (Multiply your Bitcoins) Referral that is to refer friends, The more people you invite
More will be your earnings Some are advertising you only give in the option Surd Adds You click on the advertising ads that will redirect you to a page with a timer you expect it to be
Complete the set time and Ready you have your balance.

First you have to create an account here that this will be your virtual wallet where you will save your bitcoins and then exchange them for $$$ or the currency of your preference

           Click here ---->: https: http://www.coinpayments.net That will be where you receive your money to send it to your accounts:

Then you register in these pages that are the ones that generate the most money (bitcoins) just to see advertising:
Or simply spinning the roulette It's the pages of trust that I use and the ones that pay the most when registering, you just give the roulette and you generate the money and in addition to see advertising

Let's wait. Start generating your Money

Good luck and greetings!

Paid pages What I use if they pay:

»Bit Fun: Win Satoshi (BTC) directly to your CoinPot account easily every 10 minutes

»BTCClicks: One of the best PTc to win bitcoin for the simple fact of displaying advertising ads

»FreeBitcoin: Win Bitcoin free every hour. More than 3 years paying!

»FreeDogecoin: Win free Dogecoins with one of the best pages with Faucet own that exist. Do you want to win DOGE?


»ClixCoin: Paying since March 2016. 2 ways to earn satoshis daily. It is worth entering and trying it.

»CoinFaucet: Faucet to win Ripple (XRP) for free in 2018.


The Cumulative Faucets that you will see below are all from the same admin, that is, from the "Moon" saga. All
 they allow you to earn in a very simple way the best cryptocurrencies in the market. To charge simply you must have
 the Microwallet CoinPot. If you do not have an account, create one for free from here.

»Moon Dogecoin: Win Dogecoin totally free with the best cumulative Faucet.


»Moon Dash: Win Dash for free with the best cumulative Faucet.


»MoonBitcoinCash: Win Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with the best Faucet of the moment.


»Moon Litecoin: Win Litecoin with the best cumulative Faucet of the moment.

»Bonus Bitcoin: Win Satoshi (BTC) directly to your CoinPot account. claims every 15 minutes


»Digital Artist Online: Now called AirDrips. Win Satoshi in the form of Bitcoin Cash in the easiest way ever seen. You dare?


»FamilyBTC: Earn Satoshi for free in this PTC administered by the same admin as Familyclix, another veteran of the sector.


Win FREE Bitcoins: Opinions and close:

You already know the best pages and Faucets to win bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies that exist today. And what do you use?

On the other hand, you just have to be persistent in your daily work, as it can be boring but if you want to earn Cryptocurrencies in a reliable way there is no better way to do it than with the websites reviewed in this article.

Once you have enough fractions of Bitcoin and other critomonedas you can choose to invest in Bitcoins or buy Bitcoins, or sell the cryptocurrencies in an exchange like Binance.

Any questions? I wait for you in the comment box. I say goodbye without further ado, greetings and success!


!and remember!

1: You only register You give where it says. FreeBTC
2: solve the catcha
4: You spin the roulette and you're done.

!you can too!

1: You only give MULTIPLY BTC
2: Then to try your luck.

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